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Mitsubishi Solar Extreme Series

Better Performance Than A Micro Inverter Or A String Inverter !

Mitsubishi & SolarEdge

Now Available With A 25 Year Inverter Warranty !

 Supercharged Performance For A Faster Return On Your Investment

Solar Power Optimizers

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SCE's $650.00 per kilowatt cash rebate has expired and has now been reduced to $350.00 per AC kilowatt.

If you have not already submitted your rebate application to install solar panels for your home or business, then unfortunately it is too late to qualify for this higher rebate amount.

 For a very limited time We will help make up the loss between the higher rebate that is no longer available and the new much lower rebate amount by offering our exclusive SolarGreenBacks $400.00 per AC kilowatt supplemental rebate which will increase SCE's $350.00 per kilowatt rebate to
$750.00 per AC kilowatt.

 And we did it without raising our super low discount pricing.

Hurry This Is A Limited Time Offer !

  The SDG&E and PG&E rebate is already down to only 25 cents per watt.

At Solar Home we can submit your rebate application for you with only a 10% refundable down payment.


We've Declared A Solar Price War On Our Competitors

Bring us your best written quote from Verengo®, SolarCity®, Sungevity®, Lowes®, REC Solar® or Home Depot® and we'll blow that quote right out of the water

In fact, in most cases we can save you thousands while offering you a higher performance solar system for a faster payback!

Here's A Prime Example Of Why You Should Receive A Solar Quote Over The Phone Or Via Email Before Inviting A Salesperson Into Your Home.

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Solar Power System Buyer's Guide

Download Our Free Solar System Buyers Guide And Learn The Secrets To Getting The Best Possible Deal On A Solar System That Most Dealers Hope Your Never Find Out About.

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Micro Inverter Problems Will Beat Any Nationally Advertised, In Stock Price On Our Same Installed Solar Panel System Or Your System Is Free.

Because of our direct relationship with manufacturers that produce the finest solar panels in the world, the length of time that we've been selling solar panels and our superior buying power, Micro Inverter Solar systems are typically priced thousands of dollars less than the competition and include only Simply Better Components. Micro Inverter Problems will beat any nationally advertised price on solar for homes and businesses and give you the service, support and quality that you deserve.


Spin your meter backwards with solar power.

Micro Inverter Problems Will Help You Spin Your Meter Backwards With Solar Panels For Less.





Here's 6 Reasons Why You Probably Won't Want A Lower Efficiency Micro Inverter System On Your Roof.

1. Lower Efficiency: Micro inverters offer a lower efficiency rating than other higher performance inverters that are available on today's market. A lower efficiency rating will mean a smaller rebate in many states and less energy harvested over the life of your system which will lead to a slower payback.


2. Micro Inverters Can Waste Power: One of the most popular micro inverters that's being installed in today's market only has a maximum power output rating of 215 watts while consumers are installing solar panels of up to 260 watts. 260 watts in and 215 watts out ?  That's a difference of 45 watts ! And remember most solar panels on the market today have a positive tolerance rating. So your solar panel is actually rated to produce more power that its name plate rating.

But even if you were to consider a more conservative PTC rating of 232 watts for a typical 260 watt solar panel, you're still wasting 17 watts per panel. Combine 17 watts of wasted power with the lower efficiency rating mentioned above, over the life of your systems and that's a lot of power and money down the drain.


3. Micro Inverters Run Hotter: Again, because micro inverters offer a lower efficiency rating, more of the energy that your solar panels are producing is being wasted as heat. More heat, especially underneath your solar panels which reduces air flow on your already hot roof can lead to premature micro inverter component failure.

Since micro inverter manufacturer warranties typically do not pay for the labor to remove and re-install micro inverters, once your contractor's 5 to 10 year labor warranty expires, you'll probably be left with an expensive service charge to remove and re-install dozens of micro inverters and the solar panels that hinders their access as your system ages.



4. Many, Many More Points For Potential Failure: Micro inverters are simply miniaturized version of full sized inverters with many of the same components. Any engineer will tell you that the more components in a system, the higher the risk of system failure.

With component counts of well over one hundred in many micro inverter designs, this means that the typical micro inverter system will involve components counts that run into the thousands.

All inverters will fail at some time. Whether it's component wear or a hard failure, the result is the same. After the contractor's 5-10 year labor warranty has expired, the consumer will have to pay up to $400.00 to $500.00 per service call to remove all those solar panels in order to gain access to that one micro inverter that has failed. And you'll have to pay that every time each micro inverter fails for the life of the system. 



5. A Micro Inverter System Costs More: Take the average price of $171.00 for that popular 215 watt micro inverter that you might be considering and you'll find that you'll be paying about 79 cents per watt. Compare that price to an average price of 50 cents per watt for a string inverter and you get the picture.

Only that's not the whole picture. 79 cents per watt is just the cost of the micro inverter. To that you'll have to add about $29.00 per each micro inverter for a drop cable. And another $68.00 for an installation kit. And about $20.00 for each branch terminator. Oh, and don't forget an extra $526.00 on average for an Internet portal, that is if you want to do any monitoring of your solar panels over the Internet.



6. Micro Inverters Add Additional Heat To Your Solar Panels: Solar Panels generate power from light not heat. In fact the hotter it is the poorer a solar panel will perform. Your solar system will actually produce more power on a cold winter day in full sunshine.

 Solar panel manufacturers refer to this as the Temperature Coefficient of Power Max or Pmax. Typically for every degree over 25 degrees C (77 degrees Fahrenheit) in cell temperature, power in watts will drop by approximately -.45 % or nearly one half percent.

So for example, a 250 watt solar panel may lose up to 11.25 watts of power when cell temperature reaches 87 degrees Fahrenheit.

The problem is that due to a micro inverter's lower efficiency rating, they tend to waste power in the form of heat. Because micro inverters are mounted underneath your solar panels while sitting close to your hot roof, heat generated by the micro inverter becomes trapped underneath the solar panel, raising its temperature and causing performance degradation and may even affect the life expectancy of your solar panel in hotter climates.

It's already hot enough as it is on your roof underneath your solar panels. The last thing you want to consider doing is adding more heat by installing inefficient micro inverters.

If you have any doubts that micro inverters can produce a significant amount of heat, simply read the warning concerning the potential for burns when handling a micro inverter that's included in that popular micro inverter's installation manual where it states that their micro inverter can reach a temperature of 176 degrees Fahrenheit. 


Removing and replacing a multiple solar panels in order to remove and replace one or two failed micro inverters can quickly turn into an expensive proposition. Now imagine having to go though this several times a year as your micro inverter system ages.

Micro Inverter Solar Service




SolarEdge Versus Enphase Micro Inverters




Up To A 25% Increase In Energy Harvest When Compared To A Conventional String Inverter.



Partial Shade Mitigation



Individual Solar Module Monitoring



Multiple Solar Module Orientations



Warranty Of Under Module Mounted Electronics

25 Years

25 Years

CEC Weighted Inverter Efficiency


The Highest CEC Efficiency Of Any 240 Volt Single Phase Inverter In the Industry
(Results in a larger rebate in many states and higher energy production.)

Minimum Start Voltage

22 Volts

(Starts producing power at far lower voltage levels for better energy harvesting)

Internet Communications Port Built Into System

(Must purchase optional Envoy® communications gateway.)

(Comes standard with Ethernet, RS232 and RS485 support built right in.)

Use Of Industry Standard Cabling

(Must purchase a comparatively expensive Engage® proprietary cabling assembly for inverter interconnection.)

(Uses low cost, industry standard cabling and only for extension purposes. Power Optimizer cabling is built in.)

Maximum Power Rating Per Each Module Mounted Electronics

215 Watts

300 Watts
(Allows for larger modules to
be used without wasting power.)

Module Mounted Electronics Exposed To Spikes, Surges, Brownouts From The Utility Grid


(SolarEdge's power optimizers are connected to the electrically stable DC power lines so they are isolated from a direct connection to the harsh environment of the grid for a potentially longer life expectancy.)

Use Of Electrolytic Capacitors In Under Module Mounted Electronics Which Have The Potential To Dry Out, Leak And Fail When Used In High Temperature Or Extreme Temperature Cycling Environments


(SolarEdge uses no electrolytic capacitors in their under module mounted Power Optimizers.)

Power Line Communication Issues


(Because the Envoy® and microinverters share the AC power line with every other appliance in your home, electrical interference can cause communication issues in your system.)

(SolarEdge's power optimizers communicate with the inverter through the electrically quiet DC power lines so the potential for interference is dramatically reduced.)

Under Module Mounted Electronics Peak Efficiency


(Higher Efficiency Means Less Temperature Related Stress.)

With SolarEdge you'll not only get a bigger cash rebate in many states, but also higher energy production because SolarEdge offers the highest 240 volt single phase CEC weighted efficiency rating on the market.

And why on Earth would  anyone want to connect a 250 or 260 Watt solar panel to an inverter that's only rated to handle a maximum of 215 Watts ? And when it comes to warranties, Our "Sunsational" free 25 year SolarEdge inverter warranty upgrade and the standard 25 year Power Optimizer Unit warranty says it all !

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Increased Reliability, Durability And Efficiency.


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One Of The Worlds Leading Authorities On Solar Electricity Puts The New SolarEdge Power Optimizers To The Test


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Micro Inverters Are Yesterday's News. The Revolutionary New Technology For Today And The Foreseeable Future Is SolarEdge.

SolarEdge's revolutionary power optimizer, inverter and monitoring technology with its 97.5% CEC efficiency rating and an impressive list of features and benefits, has rocked the solar industry to its very core.

Add Mitsubishi's investment grade solar modules, which have proven to be the most reliable, best selling, high performance solar modules that we've ever offered in our company's 14 year history, and without a doubt, you simply cannot buy a more reliable, ultra high performance solar system anywhere.

Not Sharp®, Nor Solon®, Nor REC Solar®, Nor Kyocera®, Nor Sanyo®, Nor Even SunPower® Solar Panels Meet All Of The Tough Standards That We've Set For Our Investment Grade Solar Panels.


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tech solar quote without the inconvenience of a salesperson in your home.

We Can Save You Thousands !



Our Home Solar Power Systems Have Been Installed Throughout The Entire U.S.

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Solar Home is your source for solar power.

Micro Inverter Problems creator Mr. Ray Boggs with Mr. Chevy Chase and his wife at a recent Environmental Awards Dinner.

Join the thousands who have said goodbye to high electric bills and have made a commitment to saving our precious environment.

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The Southern California Solar Energy Expo Hosted By The Creators Of Micro Inverter Problems

If you missed our last show, you missed a lot. Held at the Fairplex in Pomona, California. On hand was the California Energy Commission presenting information on the California Solar Panel Initiative, Home Power Magazine, Xantrex Technology, BP Solar, Outback Power, Southwest Wind Power, Outback Power, Dankoff Solar, Energy Outfitters, Unirac and SMA America just to name a few.

The Creators of Micro Inverter Problems would like to thank all of the vendors for helping to make our last Expo a huge success. 

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We're Handing Out Money !

Earn $500.00 For Every Friend That You Refer, Who Buys One Of Our Incredibly Priced, High Performance, 2kW Or Larger, Investment Grade, Grid Tie Solar Systems !

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